restaurant equipments bdt shelves

Restaurant Equipments

plastic trays

    Plastic trays

  • Variety of trays
  • Cafeteria trays
  • Deep trays
  • Tofu trays
squeeze bottle

    Squeeze bottle



restaurant hotel service cart

    Restaurant/Hotel service cart

  • 3 levels
  • 6 baskets included
gas stove

    Gas stove

cutting chopping cleaver

    Cutting/chopping cleaver

round chopping board

    Round chopping board

  • Dimensions: 400mm(diameter)x40mm(height)
rectangular chopping board

    Rectangular chopping board



  • Dimensions: 0.95x0.4x1.8m
  • Color: Gray
  • 18 compartments
  • Each compartment has its own lock and key
  • Includes a frame for insert identity label

* Prices shown do not include tax.